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About Us


“Armoured VIP” is the leading manufacturer and supplier of the world’s finest quality armoured cars in Europe.
Our company’s aim is to develop reliable design, modern and quality armored cars.


Our armored cars were delivered to heads of state, CEOs, celebrities, religious leaders and civilians worldwide. We offer armored cars of almost all available in the market makes and models. All new armored cars come with a warranty and can be delivered anywhere in the world.

It is important to note that even though our armoured vehicles are equipped with a complete armouring and various security features, apparently they do not differ from conventional cars.


More about us


Our company’s aim is to develop reliable design, modern and quality armored cars. On a regular basis our service use banking institutions, law enforcement agencies, various intelligence agencies, and individuals who seek out for themselves reliable and secure armored VIP-class cars. Today, demand on armoured cars, based on sedans and SUVs of leading automakers is growing. Besides the ability to withstand high-powered bullets from firearms such armored cars emphasize the high status of the owner, do not attract outside attention and behave well on the road. By cooperating with us, customers are discovering the opportunity to use additional services, such as quality service at a specially equipped service stations, completion of special vehicles, installation of additional elements of interior, etc.

The company is well established, our armored cars Africa are in high demand both in African continent and far beyond its borders. Quality, high performance and high level of comfort was the “hallmark” of the company, in which its products around the world are well known and appreciated for superb performance of our armored cars. For years, the professional skills, invaluable experience and enthusiasm allows us today to make a list of the competitive advantages of the firm. First, we should note the presence of our own material and technical base, which is regularly supplemented with high-tech equipment of modern samples.

Armored vehicles are produced in collaboration with the American partners, who deliver the heavy-duty materials from the US. Introducing in bulletproof sedans and bulletproof SUVs latest production technology, we also apply our own development and are guided by traditional technologies. Armoring materials for our armored cars are collected exclusively from certified imported materials to be used as armor plates, bulletproof glass and accessories. Synthesis of effective interaction of specially trained staff and excellent production capabilities provides quality full cycle of works. This cycle usually starts with a preliminary design and development of drawings, and complete by assembly of armoured cars.

For customers, who are interested in armored cars, we have a whole fleet of bulletproof special vehicles, SUVs and sedans in excellent condition. Used armored cars do an excellent job with their core functions, just as good as new models, by providing a maximum level of comfort and security to their owners. Before we put armored cars Ukraine for sale, we conduct tests that will identify weaknesses of armoured cars and promptly remove them. Buying an armored car from us, you can be confident in the build quality, endurance and high level of armor and overall performance of the armoured vehicles. Our company will help demanding customers to purchase armored vehicles cheap, while guaranteeing exceptional style, originality of design and high level of comfort of exclusive models.

Armored vehicles do not differ from original analogues from the manufacturing plant, if not to take into account the presence of strong coccoon that protects the passengers on the road. As new bulletproof sedans and used armored cars combine elegance and dynamism, coping well with the function of providing “comfortable security.” Successful and active people should pay attention to our armored cars, which demonstrates a quick, easy, and most importantly – safe driving both on the track and in urban environments. Armored sedans and armored SUVs perfectly serve as both office and family cars for a comfortable travel over long distances. Used cheap armored cars are inexpensive, have an attractive appearance, stylish and comfortable interior.
While the increased level of protection employed by armored vehicles, the aerodynamic properties, mobility and maneuverability also remain on top. Used armored cars as well as new models, overcome obstacles on the road and ensure timely delivery of passengers to their destinations. Armored cars are of excellent build quality and fully meet the requirements of safety and convenience. Modern technology combined with durable materials and efficient management allow us to produce armored vehicles cheap. Increased protection does not affect the comfort of the cabin, the interior can often be improved by the customer and complemented with the necessary equipment.