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How are create armored cars?

Armored cars are an important element in the lives of many vip-persons. Naturally, because this is the basis of security that has been achieved is not easy. Cases in which human life was saved thanks to the good armor abound. It will therefore be interesting to know on what criteria, […]


The importance of armored cars for VIP guests

The story about how the Tsar Alexander II has repeatedly tried to escape from attacks through armored Karetny crew. This is not the only case where a reservation saved the life of an influential public figure. Today it is hard to imagine, for example, the presidents had no armored car. […]


What kind of glass and metals are used in armored vehicles?

Booking gradually gaining a certain popularity, especially among the rich and powerful car owners. However, the simple man in the street is now quite difficult to distinguish at a glance whether an armored car or not in front of him. When we think about the purchase of the armored car, […]


What determines the value of armored vehicles?

To have an armored car is not only prestigious but also very useful. To protect themselves from various dangers on the road, you can just using the booking. However, this would be not so simple. There are only a few manufacturers who produce series of armored vehicles, in other cases […]


What classes of armor cars are armored vehicles?

Each year the popularity of armored vehicles increases. It will therefore be interesting to know what kind of reservation levels exist, and what signs they differ. Still, the process of creating such a car is rather complicated, and it is done on a special production, which under normal circumstances is […]


Who first suggested the idea of booking a car?

The emergence of the idea of an armored car driven by the need and desire for security. Yet in the Middle Ages created a special carriages and wagons that have been protected with an extra layer of iron sheet. Thus, nobles and merchants protect themselves from possible attacks by bandits […]