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How are create armored cars?


Armored cars are an important element in the lives of many vip-persons. Naturally, because this is the basis of security that has been achieved is not easy. Cases in which human life was saved thanks to the good armor abound. It will therefore be interesting to know on what criteria, and how to & are such cars

I stage: Development

The first thing you need to decide in the event aspire to acquire such a security system, it is, if you want to buy ready-made armored car or upgrade their. The next step will be the choice of class, which is distinguished by reliability criteria, such as:

  • bulletproof;
  • Fire;
  • protection against explosive devices (bombs, grenades, mines);
  • agility.

Make the choices will help professionals who will ask, what part of the world you want to ride on this car. In different parts of the world use different weapons, and what is common in one country may be very unpopular in the other. Therefore it is better to decide at once, lest it turned out that one or another type of bullets armor can not stand because of the improvidence of the customer.

The final step in this phase is to agree on the price, which depends entirely on the requirements for the quality of armor, as well as the installation of additional security systems.

II stage: Internal assembly

Often the manufacturing companies already have a certain set of car models, they lend themselves to alteration. In any case, the machine is completely disassembled and rebuild already done on the basis of a completely new project. Sami car insides coated with layers of Kevlar, composite, protective varnishes, and most importantly & ndash; inserted armor plates made of aluminum or steel.

Please be aware that armor greatly affects the weight of the vehicle. That is why it is necessary to set the suspension and shock absorbers in accordance with the weight. Such an armored car may weigh 500 kg or more, depending on the degree and quality of protection. And also builds the optimal steering system that will hide most heavy weight of the car.

Then set the protection on the gas tank, brake pads, hood. This important role is played transport and electricity, which should also be of high quality and enhanced fuses. This is due to the presence of electronic systems, which are often controlled by an armored car.

III stage: External protection


At this point in the set special armored bulletproof glass, which provides even and fire protection. This glass has a decent thickness, and still often falls not to the end. In this phase also includes the installation of the wheels, the technology that allows you to keep moving and after hitting the wheel for some time. Without attention and doors do not stay. Car Door hinges during assembly carefully checked, can be additionally reinforced.

IV stage: finishing and advanced options


Here, an armored car as much as possible in the interior fitted to the taste of the customer. Such an armored car should not be much different from a conventional car, and therefore to be as invisible to potential attackers. Internal and external finishing negotiated personally with the client, and created models of cars often have several options for the interior to suit different tastes.

Pretty important factor is the additional armored car system. This private closed negotiating line coded alarm system, fire alarm system and much more. All these functions are also available to choose from, and can serve as a significant increase in the price of the purchased vehicle. But do not have to doubt the safety of their purchase. Still can not neglect its own defense.