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The importance of armored cars for VIP guests


The story about how the Tsar Alexander II has repeatedly tried to escape from attacks through armored Karetny crew. This is not the only case where a reservation saved the life of an influential public figure. Today it is hard to imagine, for example, the presidents had no armored car. And this world has become a very common practice since the mid XX century. There have even been known cases where the first persons of the country were some competition in most of its equipment crew. However, this is not just a matter of prestige, but also the client’s personal security. But also there were known cases of attacks on well-known politicians, businessmen and cultural figures. In each of these cases, personal vehicle safety system has not been questioned.

Today, the world is not so many specialized industries, which create armored cars for VIP persons. Often they are created specially to order in order to take into account all possible factors the onset of a dangerous situation. Such a machine has to withstand armor rather big weight, stable work for all of the installed protective systems, but it looks normal. The less suspicion arises from the others, that before them armored & laquo; giant & raquo ;, the more skills manufacturer. The car does not stand out among the others, perhaps, thereby introducing a potential attacker misleading.

What should be the armored car for VIP guests? It is important to understand that such a vehicle is to be made a truly reliable manufacturer. Armor can stop and small-caliber firearms, and automation with a clearer sight and caliber. Fire-prevention systems, bullet-proof glass and much more. Also common is the system with the reworked design of the wheels, which can continue to move even after the loss of pressure. Armored car is very heavier in weight, so it is important to distribute the modifications to all the elements in such a way that they are not reduced to zero maneuverability of transport.

Moreover, most of today’s companies offer additional systems that help enhance customer protection. This protection against electromagnetic and optical reader, a special browser, fire alarm system, protivobombovoe blanket and many others. It all depends on the willingness and possibilities of the client. You can order and overall limousine or car & laquo; simpler & raquo ;, but with the same set of security features. & Nbsp; Whether it’s a sedan or SUV, it does not matter, performance and flexibility in this matter more relevant


With the right approach and the choice will be correct, responsible for the task. Perhaps often it depends on a person’s life. However, it is always to create impenetrable & laquo; tank & raquo; It can save the life of a high-ranking person. There were times when, unfortunately, no protection is often not saved on the remote explosions or bursts of machine. Some argue that the issue is very important to protect the vehicle maneuverability and its ability to quickly escape from the forward path. It is true tactic that often pays off. Today the market is able to deliver a wide range of armored vehicles to suit every taste and color, but for the VIP people always prefer the best specimens. Only in this way it was possible to achieve the maximum protection in emergency situations. Qualitative value for true comfort and security guarantees are the main prerogative for armored vehicles manufacturers.