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What determines the value of armored vehicles?


To have an armored car is not only prestigious but also very useful. To protect themselves from various dangers on the road, you can just using the booking. However, this would be not so simple. There are only a few manufacturers who produce series of armored vehicles, in other cases will have to be ordered in special service firms. A good purchase will cost at least $ 200 million, but the price can reach up to 750 million for the technical re-equipment of the car.

From what does the value of the machinery booking? In fact, these nuances abound. It all starts with the fact that you need to understand how much affect the modification of the vehicle unit. Reservation significantly increase the weight of the machine, because of which will need to put a new chassis, which supports new features. If the engine is not powerful enough, it will also have to or exacerbate, or even change. But it is also important that the brake system to work at all times, and also withstand the weight gain. For these nuances significantly increase value of the car, regardless of whether you will be ready to buy a new one with the characteristics of not cheap, or have to redo her.

Please note that different levels of protection suggests a level of stability to the different bullets or weapons. There are armor that can cope with such additional terms, as an explosion or fire. There are those who save only from puleustoychivosti. Experts distinguish between three variants of the attack on the car. First & ndash; an explosion near, that does not save even the best armor, but the second implies an explosion at a far distance. The third option involves a fire from a sniper rifle or other firearm, and after already attempt to capture passengers. The level of protection of these scenarios depends on what kind of armor material is selected, the percentage of car reservations and additional systems. & Nbsp; The very armor can be made:

  • bullet-proof glass;
  • polycarbonates and acrylics;
  • tissue (eg, Kevlar, which is known for its ballistic on this day);
  • ceramics and plastic, reinforced with fiberglass;
  • steel and aluminum.

The most common material is considered to be steel and aluminum, and that they prefer to work with the majority of manufacturers. & Nbsp; In particular, aluminum is considered to be the best option at all in terms of price and quality. Most often on special plants already cut sheets, patterns that are used when ordering a car reservation. Not every machine can be equipped with armor, and for this purpose the specialists have a long list of car makes and models that lend themselves to successful restructuring.

Of course, all of the above affect the final price. Often specialized firms offer clients the best option. This can be as retooling your own car, or buying a new, already pre-booked. There is also the option of imposing partial armor, which significantly slowed down the price when ordering services. However, the stronger the protection, the price will more. It is necessary to take seriously the choice of materials, the choice is capable of booking or car brand. All these factors affect the result and the final result, which should suit the customer in all respects. Confidence in their own acquisition is also an important factor of a sense of security, which is high-quality and technologically capable of providing an armored car.