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What kind of glass and metals are used in armored vehicles?


Booking gradually gaining a certain popularity, especially among the rich and powerful car owners. However, the simple man in the street is now quite difficult to distinguish at a glance whether an armored car or not in front of him. When we think about the purchase of the armored car, you often do not know much about the materials that are used to enhance the very necessary protection. Glass and metals are often used in the manufacture of armor. They are the foundation of everything, so it is important to choose the best quality version.

Metals in the manufacture of vehicle armor

Let’s start with metals. They should be as light as possible in processing to create the armor itself, as well as relatively easy. Reservations itself loads a car, so you should not use obviously heavy metals in weight. The most optimal variant for the production of armor for a long time remains aluminum and steel. Both metals have good bullet-proof, but also have their own special characteristics.

became successful in the application when required by shots of machine guns and rifles protection. 3 mm hardened steel will be a good defense against the possible threat of firearms. However, if you assume that the caliber of the rifle will increase, it is better to use a 10 mm armor protection. This protection provides security against attacks and 50 caliber weapon, but can no longer, therefore it is necessary to consider additional protection systems. It is also worth noting that the overpressure of the steel is not particularly good, so you have to install additional systems.

With regard to aluminum, it is occupied by one of the most popular materials for booking. It is quite easy, and still does not imply a greater load from the firearm is greater than 9 mm. The ratio of the price of aluminum is also the best option, in which quality does not suffer.

Glass types used for booking

The role of the glass can not be overestimated in the manufacture of armored vehicles. It is able to protect a number of factors, so the choice of high-quality glass protection is very important. If you distinguish between the types of glass in levels of protection, we can distinguish these:

  • bulletproof;
  • resistant to any type of penetration;
  • anti-shattering.

When installing windows in the car, it is also to determine the level of protection. For example, a 10 mm glass in a single layer completely save you from a small-caliber bullet. If you need a security guarantee against larger caliber, here will save a number of layers of about 2 to 5. When gluing with a special solution, formed quite a solid structure that accurately provide reliable protection against bullets. Moreover, this glass does not crumble to pieces, so that when a possible breaking not injure passengers.

To gain a certain share of security can be added to the base layer of glass, plastic or special fabric & ndash; Kevlar. This will help to strengthen the system of protection, but significantly reduce visibility. There is also a special film, which also increase the level of sustainability of bulletproof glass. Such films provide not only safety, but also to reduce to zero attempts optical or electromagnetic reading of information.

Presented car booking varieties allow most successfully cope with many factors. Quality Systems made of steel and glass, can provide protection against a serious threat to the client. It is therefore important to determine in advance the level of potential danger, and therefore the degree of subsequent booking.