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What classes of armor cars are armored vehicles?


Each year the popularity of armored vehicles increases. It will therefore be interesting to know what kind of reservation levels exist, and what signs they differ. Still, the process of creating such a car is rather complicated, and it is done on a special production, which under normal circumstances is impossible. The complexity and the need for special equipment and materials that’s not all, because the end result after all the tests must meet the standards of reservation.

International Standard Booking

All the major international standards booking, anyhow, are similar. However, the materials used are different, have different degrees of thickness or processing. Each of these species corresponds to a specific standard. Here are some of the most common international standards:

  • emission class;
  • The German standard;
  • British Standard;
  • American standard;
  • Russian standard.

The difference between them varies from capsule degree of protection against a particular species of slug. There are entire studies that allow to determine which bullets are common to a particular territory. Therefore, the choice of the country where the car is purchased, is quite important. All due to the fact that some of the weapons are not common in one area, but are part of the acquisition by terrorists in other countries. Because of this possible difference in the price of the necessary modifications, depending on the international standard, which it adheres.

Classes armored vehicles

Currently, there are three classes of reservation, depending on which cars are distributed by their common characteristic, as well as the degree of protection. Qualitative armored car must be not only bulletproof, but also to provide protection from exposure to flammable and explosive substances.

The first booking class – this executive class cars that are simply hung bronelisty. This technology is applicable to the entire car as well as its individual parts such as engine, suspension, and other. The car is actually no different in appearance from the other models of its series, but at the same time be reliably protected by armor.

The second class combines different parquet SUVs. They have greater protection, durability, and are a more reliable option. As for the third class, it presents an exceptional level of protection for the executive class cars and SUVs with heavy armor.

When ordered armored car, then there is always the possibility of additionally equip it with additional levels of protection. This fire alarm system, a device for external negotiations, protected from the possibility of the fuel tank explosion, remote engine start control and much more. There are also specially antipohischeniya system. This functionality will make your car more resistant to all types of attacks and damage. Human security – above all else.

Remember that the booking process considerably change the specifications of your car. Many well-known companies have already produced armored cars, and some specialized engaged in the complete re-equipment of the vehicle. It developed a special project, which includes the basic characteristics, standards and classes, which will meet future vehicle.