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Who first suggested the idea of booking a car?


The emergence of the idea of an armored car driven by the need and desire for security. Yet

in the Middle Ages created a special carriages and wagons that have been protected with an extra layer of iron sheet. Thus, nobles and merchants protect themselves from possible attacks by bandits or robbers. Armored vehicles would be indispensable in warfare, when infantry protection from enemy attacks could be stopped because of the armor. As you can see, the main directions of use of an armored vehicle extended in two directions: first, is the protection of high-ranking individuals or valuable cargo, and secondly, to use as military equipment.

The first person to realize the idea of booking a car, was an English engineer Frederick Simms. He introduced the first armored car to the public in April 1902, but she has not found a large Bolster. Moreover, a major, who did not appreciate this idea was the Ministry of War. They did not want to buy the rights to use, and Simms had to wait for some time to support his ideas. Those who continued the work of Simms, were the Germans and Austro-Hungarians. They produced armored vehicles for the military industry is actually creating a light tank prototype. A little later, and Russian factories began producing armored cars. There is evidence on which to provide the Russian army was about 400 armored vehicles.

The first American armored vehicle was «Garford», which was the cargo, and was intended not only for the transport of military cargo, but was equipped with special weapons. However, the Americans owned the primacy in the creation of passenger armored vehicles. Special demand they enjoyed among gangsters for whom the issue of security was paramount. First, who ordered armored Cadilac, was a famous gangster Al Capone.

Thus, by the mid-twentieth century, the whole industry began creating vehicles with armored protection. They began to use the first person States, for which the possibility of being killed in the middle of the parade or during the journey, was not so far away already. The most striking example of this would be the Archduke Franz Ferdinand, whose murder was the beginning of the First World War, as well as the famous Russian Tsar Alexander II, who survived seven assassination attempts by additional metal plates on the carriage. This is not the only cases in which influential and well-known people found themselves in real danger. The advent of armored vehicles was the solution to many problems in this area, so every ruler tried to secure a high-quality car that can hold more than one bullet. Therefore, following the Cadilac, branded European car manufacturers have also started serial production of armored models. That German manufacturers as Mersedes-Benz, began creating vehicles with hidden booking. They are in many ways no different from a conventional car, which could enter the attacking misleading. Still, knowing about the protection, they would not have to expend energy on the development of a plan to assassinate.

American criminal history also gave impetus to the development and implementation of collection trucks. Special armored vehicles for security of entire gangs set up special companies, so in the future in this type of service started to use other, but this time in an effort to protect their property from possible attacks.

As you can see, over the years, the trend of development of the idea of booking personal transport is gaining momentum. new developments always appears to have turned the creation of such a high quality of transport in the whole art. Now governments, businessmen and cultural figures spend a lot of money to secure his move on the roads.